Some people say they read the whole vignette first...why?

The questions seem to line up with how the vignette’s read. They often aren’t picking information from all over the place…right? Just trying to figure out the best way to go through the test. I’ve been reading the question, identifying what part it applies to, and then answering. Then moving onto the next question.

I read the intro paragraph, look at the first question and go back to reading where I stopped. You’re right questions are in the order presented. The only exception for me is wrt ethics.

^my method too. For ethics I’ll read a little bit further into it before I look at questions, but maybe 3 paragraphs at most before I think I’m wasting time.

i generally quickly scan the first 2 questions before diving in. at minimum scan the first question so i know what i’m reading about and where to find something as soon as possible.