Some recruiter's ad on the CFA Career Center

"In order to apply you must have:

  • 3 plus years’ experience in a reputable long only buy side fund A CFA or ACA qualification with first time passes
  • Exceptional education, ivy league is a must for this position
  • A hunger and desire to be part of one of the best hedge funds in the world.

Please note that due to the nature of this fund the benchmark is exceptionally high."


I’ll bet I could apply without most of that junk.

I wouldn’t get hired, of course, but I could certainly apply.

I love when hacksaw HR dimwits get caught up in the aura of the HF and make postings like this. I saw this another time (maybe same person) about an ivy league education being a must. Ok, so Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth are good enough, but not MIT, Stanford, Chicago, etc?

i dont think you need to take it literally. ivy prolly just means any exceptional school. msot people forget that ivy is just a sports league of exceptionally good school in the north east.

love the “first time passes”. so there is a benefit to going 3/3! i can apply to some douchey HF. hooray!

I get that and it’s likely the HR dolt who posted it didn’t even understand that ivy league is an actual league. That said, they chose the douchiest way possible to inaccurately make their point.

At least they’re not looking for a Certified Financial Analyst. :stuck_out_tongue: ETA: And ACA??? The accounting designation, or soemthing else??? Me confoozd.


Someone should tell them that only the people doing 3/3 18 months can claim the guaranteed superior results to beat their exceptionally high benchmark.

This is why hedge funds don’t make any money for investors. Their hiring process doesn’t filter for track record of investing success.

^ 3/3 or die. if that’s not inked on your bicep, you need not apply.

Damn. I was too busy screwing chicks from tinder and drinking at the bar to take level 2 seriously the first time round. Guess I’m out.


^Just need show them your like this guy…


Aleksey Vayner, he died…

The thing about Vayner, his words were absolutely correct, the kid just had no credibility…

ubs shoulda fired that ibanker. what kind of idiot does that to a new college grad.