Somehow made it home with my CFAI books and crockpot slow cooker...

Talk about making it against the odds… Thought I was done for: CFAI books weigh a tonne and that Crockpot slow cooker isn’t exactly nice to carry a few miles…only problem is, I was carrying the darn cooker on my left arm; does that mean my left arm will be over-developed to the expense of my right?..not a great look I might add…lol Just in case, I’m going to hit the gym to re-establish the equilibrium in my body once more…I’m not taking CFA exams to join the circus after all lol! K

My left arm is stronger and a little bigger than my right arm…then again, I’m a lefty.

You walked a few miles carrying a box of text books and a slow cooker? Cabs/public transportation not in your area? Seems like it would have been a good choice over lugging that sh!t around.

mp2438 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My left arm is stronger and a little bigger than > my right arm…then again, I’m a lefty. I’m right handed and my arms are fairly even but for some reason my left trap is significantly larger than my right. It’s gotten better as I’ve thrown in some free weight movements to help the right side… looked quite odd for awhile.

I have similar problems with my right shoulder slight bigger than my left. I think everyone who lift weights will have this to a degree as it’s natural to favor a side

Either that or you need to switch hands in the shower.

yes. you will miss the net much more now.

Natural to favour a side: exactly, same as when I was learning to skate; freaking cross-overs going clockwise were a nightmare! CFAI Level 3 curriculum, first thoughts: *CFAI level 3 books are pretty big, plus it’s more than a little weird to see the index of study sessions: Ethics PM PM PM PM PM Like 5 books of PM? Crikey…all these big complicated words like ‘heuristic’ to mention but a few… The small number of people I’ve spoken to at my work concerning level 3 all say ‘it’s pretty easy’…I don’t agree, going to have to bust my gut just as much as for level 2 to make sure I nail this baby without fail… K