Someone fancies himelf as the new Sultan

Erdogan’s AK Party submits bill to empower presidency Proposed changes seek to give president extended powers as head of executive while abolishing the prime ministry.

Great news source… Aljazeera. yes Hey Igor, give Bloomberg a rest. Start throwing more Aljazeera articles at us.

Surprised I haven’t seen more being reported on this. Erdogan seems to be slowing raising the temperature on totalitarian rule. Turkish democracy is like a frog unaware it is boiling to death. (Well… Maybe a little aware)

Aljazeera is actually a great source, the only stigma I’ve heard about them is in Yankeeland for being the ‘mouthpiece’ of Osama or whatever but they’re pretty good.


Yes, really is some of the most non-slanted reporting out there. While I’m sure they do have opinion pieces, all of the strait news reporting is like the article above. There are interviews of people with differing view points and they presented without bias. Just… here is what happened, here is what some people say about it… end of story. bravo.

It’s being going that way for a while, after the failed coup and the resultant purge it was only a matter of time before he started tightening the screw. Seems that a lot of Turkey support him though.

Al Jazeera is my go to since the BBC went to shite

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of Al Jazeera reporting. I don’t follow it regularly, but I do look at it from time to time.

Al Jazeera is decent. It’s unfortunate that they were introduced to the US Audience as the news site with all the Al-Q videos.

And Gringo, what the hell happened to BBC, it’s literally a trash bin of news now. Sad stuff.

^ tell me about it. It’s like some sort of magazine type reporting now.

They’ve also been pretty partisan about a lot of issues

Another great thing about Aljazeera is they never try to “entertain” you. It is like the black coffee of the news world. It is raw and to the point. I respect some sources like Bloomberg, Reuters, and The Economist. However, all three are guilty from time to time of sensationalism.

I am disappointed that the title is NOT about Trump.