Someone please explain

Sorry if this sounds redundant, but from searching the forums and not getting too clear of a response, can someone link me to, or specify briefly, what must be done upon finishing the program and getting work experience reviewed? Do I have to apply separately through a local society, or is that taken care of during the CFA application process (where I put in the society)? I see postings saying that some deadline is due to be reviewed, is that strict, or will it be extended and on a rolling basis as volume of applications for societies is up around this time? Thanks!

Thanks Damil, I read this, as well as the instructions on the NYSSA site, and was confused whether it was bundled (as CFA points out) as opposed to separate (which NYSSA seems to point to).

Yeah they are bundled. When you apply for CFA Institute it asks you to select a society and your applications go to both the CFAI and society together. If you’ve done this you should see both “CFAI Application under review” and “Society under review” or something like that.