someone tell me it's ok

today was the last day at work for me for the next two weeks…study leave …the blisss… had a crazy day…and just didn’t get a chance to study… it’s now almost 11 pm…and am in no mood to start… really just want to take one night offf…i swear I will be cramming for the next 13 days!!!

it’s ok

aren’t you supposed to study during study leave? LOL. i’m kidding. it’s ok… what’s one night when you have the next two weeks to jam?

I have respect for crazy days.

I believe its totally fine and justified, you have 13 long days…lucky you…i have just 4 days of study leave :-(…not fortunate enough to have such a long leave. All the best for next 13 days.

mumu, 15 more days !!! and not 13

It’s ok mumu. Take some rest. Anyways how is summer in Dubai treating you? Getting tanned?

better off getting a good solid nights sleep, be way more effective going fwd all the best!

it’s very okay mumu. I think most of us probably have a lot less than two weeks off so you’re already ahead of the game time-wise even minus a day. Also, rest will do wonders for your efficiency in the remaining time, I find anyways.

it’s not ok - work harder

Halberstram have you been going to the Rose room? I was there this past weekend and the weekend before.

unfortunately for me, yes.

I feel like if I push myself to the brink of insanity over this exam I will pass. If not, 50/50. I am going to punish myself with GIPS and IPS this weekend until it is burned into my brain. I’m talking crazy long hours. I just can’t do this another year.