someone's cell phone went off

in Toronto no clue who it was but they couldnt figure out where it was coming from on time no one got caught very very lucky

it must be a proctor…i think…

I was in new jersey and there was a blackout with 8 minutes left. The proctors handled it very very well, tacking time back on when the lights went out, after telling everyone to close their books when it went dark. very fair, very cool, and turned out OK. I used the dark time to calm down and finish the question in my head.

Someone cut a fart in the middle of my exam. I ignored it though :frowning: It didn’t smell nice.

no cuz they even annouced i think that they were trying to find the person…the speaker kept cutting out but i’m pretty sure it wasnt a proctor someone took a highlighter too…i had a proctor ask me if it was mine…I’m like…no?? aren’t those “not allowed”…she said…“no they’re not”…i laughed thinking…why would i tell you then!!! of course it wasnt my highlighter

That was me. Breakfast burrito.

Put your earplugs in your nose next time.

LOL atually the fire alarm went off in toronto as well right after they announced the exam was over

Seems peopel in America all wear earplugs. No one does in Asia Pacific, been to HK and Sydney exam centres. HK exam was at a dimly light aircraft hanger near the airport haha… thousands of people. The groups were into the double alphabet ie, A,B,C,… AA, AB, AC,…BB. Also had a unit of airport police roaming outside lol. Sydney was all at racecourses… ie. a building surrounded by grass track for horses. don’t know why they couldnt’ have hired the Hilton hotel’s convention (ball) room for these events. What do they do with our money…CFAI’s for profit org right?

They started handing our section Level 2 books in the AM in Hartford - then they had to scramble to find the L3 books. Made me a little nervous…

how do you think the LIIers felt that got your books?