Sometimes I wonder....

Every time I visit this site I do wonder… how many people are in the same situation as I am…absolutely shittting myself.

Totally! I have worked tremendously hard up to now and will continue until the big day. the prospect of getting a mix of questions that catch me out when I may know other parts of the curriculum better, along with the prospect of having to wait a year to retake has instilled fear into me.

You can’t help but feel that way. Level 2 is no joke and I’m just praying that on exam day I notice all the little tricks and catch all the important details.

I am really counting on my luck…therez too much material to perfect

I’m not worried since I’ve seen the exam before. When I first took it, I thought time would be an issue since you had to read these long vignettes. But honestly, you can comfortably run through all the questions twice within the allotted time frame.

Thanks. Even I felt while solving the EoCs that reading wasn’t such an issue.

I did Schweser Exam I Morning and found I had plenty of time , even tho I got only 65% right ( 39 out of 60 ) .

feel like i’m failing this bad boy, but whatever. they offer the test again in 2011. If i had more than 4 months time to study, i believe i’d have no problem passing. 6 months should be enough, i would think…