Sometimes lying is the answer

My father called me at work and needed something from my house. It’s not an “emergency,” but due to some other things going on, he sort of needs it now. I know exactly where the paperwork is. The problem is, it’s in a folder in a dresser drawer with a rather impressive collection of my wife’s “toys.”

I lied and told him it’s in my safety deposit box. I now need a safety deposit box.

Ah yes. The old “power of attorney next to glass b-plugs” problem. It’s happened to us all.

Way to think on your feet, but why not just tell him the paperwork is next to the rabbit?

Glad I’m not the only one. My wife is mortified that this conversation even took place. I think it’s amusing.

This is fantastic. Good thinking, but you should have just let him see the collection. He would be proud of his boy… or not depending on what kinda weird stuff you are into.

I don’t get it. Are you implying the rabbit has a human sized thingie attached to it?

Pride in this drawer. Confusion and sorrow in others.

You really need to settle down with a nice woman.

^ Haha

We had a new bed delivered several months back. The delivery guys lifted up the box spring and I was like a cat pouncing on a mouse to grab my wife’s things. They saw but what could I do. I told my wife that she should better stow her devices.

Family gatherings would never be the same. You would all shield your eyes in shame?

Stephen Lynch: Talk to me dad (headphones for this one)

This thread reminded me of this video. So funny…

(Promise I’m not rick rolling. You must watch this.)

hahaha wowwww… now that thing is impressive. Great video

Well, it’s better than if your dad found a drawer full of fleshlights. That would be awkward.

^what the hell do you do with flashlilghts?

I’ve never seen one in person. Do you recommend?

“do you recommend i shove my thing into an inanimate object?”

what a sad direction this thread has headed. and with such promise at the start.

I don’t know. I think this thread has done a good job of staying on-topic.

Yea a move from female to male sex toys is one of the more logical twists in a threat on AF I have seen in a while

People who do the fleshlight probably haven’t tried the move called “the stranger” yet