Somewhat Meaningless Reflection

Today I finished a first read through of the CFAI text. I in now way have mastered the material. However, I feel like I have a good grasp of the basics. I know my weaknesses are: Quant: I actually feel a little more comfortable with it as opposed to how I felt with L1 Currency: Sucked at it at L1, suck at it now Pension: Kind of just skimmed through it because I hated it so much Derivatives: most of it Overall, I feel like I am less overwhelmed than I was with L1. I think that is due to the fact that I know how much work is needed to pull it off and I know what to expect in terms of the breadth and depth of the material. When I signed up for L1, I had no idea. The material is definitely more challenging, but like I said, I feel less overwhelmed. I was just wondering what others have felt about the material and their current state of mind compared to L1.

im in the same state of mind as for l1: feel really rushed i plan to finish in april and review in may just like L1,

Almost done my first pass through CFAI texts. Will be heading to philly this wknd for Harris workshop. Whats your issue w/ currency? For L1, i initially was freaked out by currency but after spending a wknd on it last year…it clicked. I love it now… My take thus far - I feel much better than I did at this time last year for L1. As you said, we know what to expect, so I think that helps a ton. I am comfortable with just about everything I have been through so far. I have done about 1200 questions on Qbank and am sitting at about 86% overall. I think i’ll spent quite a bit of time on Equity and Fixed Inc. The one thing I do hate is the pension BS. Not a fan of that.

I really don’t know why I have problems with currency. I eventually got the handle of it for L1, but it took awhile. I forgot almost all of the calculations. I understand what drives the fluctuations though. It’ll come back, just need some practice. I have only gone through about 475 questions. I haven’t focused on drilling down the material, just getting an overview of it. I’ve averaged 73%. I’m going to drive focus on knowing how to do everything when I go through Schweser.

for the guys that have read the CFAI material do you feel well equipped? would be interested to hear as there was no way i could read that material let alone study and do everything else in 4’ish months. i am schweser all the way apart from stuff i know i have problems…

jbisback, does your 86 average include all levels of difficulty for Qbank?

yes…all levels