just for curiosity: name songs you listen while studying for the cfa3 right now, here, u2 and pavarotti - miss sarajevo

Johny Cash: I fell into a burnin ring of fire I went down down down and the flames went hgher and it burns burns burns the ring of fire

hala_madrid I´m glad to find another Spaniard hanging out here, most people - even in FO - don´t have a clue about the Charter in MAD. Do you think this is going to pay off sooner or later? CFA Spain has arranged a conference next April 10th to “spread the word”, though there´s still a lot of stuff to do… See you on June!

Cuuple hundred hours of studying, couple thousand songs. Heavy concentration in David Bowie and Iggy Pop, though.

Hannibal Soundtrack Beautiful Mind Soundtrack

Hola AAA, In my case, both the people I work with + senior people + colleagues I trust from other locations (us, uk, etc) know what this is about (or are charterholders). For me that is enough. Other people does not care about CFA, does not know what is about, or just say “an mba is better”… I don´t care. I know I am doing right and, more important, I find that I can apply in my daily work things I have seen in the curriculum. Also, being these 3 years studying like crazy helps me a lot to address the problems / situations / trades I face everyday. Also, I always (ALWAYS) have excel opened when studying, with later helps me a lot when doing models. So basically I am quite happy with what I am doing, I think it is worth the effort. Also, perhaps this is strange: I find a lot of younger people preparing for CFA1 just after university, perhaps without even having worked in finance or anything. I think everybody is paying more and more attention to the program. Buena suerte and good luck to everybody salu2

Well, most of our colleagues have probably heard about the charter but still are not aware of the commitment it requires (unless they´re candidates). So in order to make that 15% more than non-charterholders (according to CFAI surveys) I am afraid we gonna have to move overseas… Regardless of the kudos of the charter, I definitely agree with you regarding the application of the knowledge. Having such a background provides quite a lot of comfort down to everyday business. Being one of those fresh graduates going for the charter, I realize that is not the proper path to get an IB job straight out of college vs. a decent MSc in Finance because of the career services. Fortunately, I was interning in one of our major banks ER teams so that I somehow managed to shop the charter… (although I´ve moved from markets to M&A) Suerte, We´re almost done with this beast! And mind that the “investment takes three years, the dividends last a lifetime”!