Sons of Guns

For those unaware, some reality TV dude is now in jail for straight-up r@ping his tween daughter several times over a couple years. Yesterday I hear that the older daughter (who I guess was on the show too…never saw it) is coming forward saying the dad did the same thing to her when she was her sister’s age.

Ok, so first off, this guy is one evil MFer that deserves to rot in a PMITA prison. Obviously both daughters have been seriously traumatized by their own father and I can only imagine the pyschological repercussions from something like that. BUT, as an older sister that’s aware of her father’s “behavior” shouldn’t she be obligated to look out for her little sister instead of letting her get r@ped for two years?

I mean, the older sister apparently went through the exact same thing from 10-12. Even if she didn’t what to get the police involved, when her sister was approaching that age I’d think she’d do something to prevent it.

Obviously the facts aren’t out yet, but considering the two years of hell the little sister went through, I’d say the big sister didn’t do much if anything to stop what she probably knew was happening. So, while big sis surely has some mental issues she’s been working through over the last 10 years, she effectively stood by and let the same thing happen to her little sis.

(I’d also like to make a distinction here before someone brings it up. Yes, I’m always the one on here that says we should never blame the victim in r@pe cases, but this is something different entirely. The dad is a sick bastard and his actions are 100% his fault. Just seems like this could have been prevented if the older sister would have looked out for her little sister - the victim in this particular scenario.)

This was my shower thought this morning.

Think about subjects such as these often in the shower?

You also get the benefit of thinking about this with a clear, sound, 30-something, never-been-serial-raped, male mind.

Think about it from the point of view of “I’m 14, female, been raped over 1000 times by my dad who told me that if I told anyone, he’d do even worse, and scared shtless”.

Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

I was thinking of the show American Guns, which would make this the daughter. Not that that would make it okay.

Ouch, these guys are certainly not helping the Redneck Anti-Defamation League.

Yes, a bit hard to say the daughter is complicit. Maybe she was dominated and abused, so perhaps she deserves the benefit of a doubt.

Why does showering make you think of rape?

What is your work email if you work at Ping golf company and your initial is R?

The older sister is now 22 and - I think but I’m not sure - is 8-10 years older than her little sister. And, I thought I made it pretty clear that I sympathize with the psychological torment she’s suffered and will likely suffer the rest of her life. But, that’s all the more reason I’d think she’d protect her little sister. If I have the ages correct, the big sis was an adult (or damn close) when her little sister was entering the danger zone with her dad.

I’m not saying we should cruxify the older sister or even discuss bringing up charges. Just seems to me she likely knew what was going to happen and did nothing (or perhaps not enough) to stop it. For the first time ever, I may have to record Dr. Phil and see what she has to say for herself (show is on tomorrow btw).

AND, the older sister had years to get away from her dad and instead chose to co-star with him on Sons of Guns. Something seems rotten in Denmark is all I’m saying.

I read a snippet of an article. I guess the victim was the guy’s biological daughter.

Not that I advocate rape at all, much less of minors or children. But I have a daughter, and I really have absolutely no idea how a guy can do this to his own biological child.

Raping a woman is really bad. Raping a little girl is really really really bad. Raping your own daughter is…wow.

I hope this guy’s lucky enough to go to a true PMITA prison. Life will not be fun for him.

^Did you think I made this up in the shower this morning?

I’m with Sweep on this one. Older sister should have looked out for younger sister and should have even told dad she would blow his head off if he even looked at the younger sister in the wrong way. If she suspected anything was happening with the younger sister, she should have gone ahead and blown his head off and she would have been acquitted in 20 minutes.

You just made Eric and Lyle cry with that statement.

(Anyone over 30 should get that reference.)

Had to look up PMITA prison. I don’t think that’s an official DOC classification.

The difference between being a male victim of abuse and a female victim of abuse. It also didn’t help that they tried to make it look like a mob hit.


You know, minimum security prison is no picnic. I had a client in there once. He said the trick is–kick someone’s ass the first day, or become somebody’s bitch. Then everything will be all right.

Yeah, I am wondering why these guys still seem ok, even with the rape and stuff. Maybe some people tolerate this more than others? I guess the family that plays together stays together (?).

A “youth” correctional facility near me used to have an upholstery shop and I would occasionally take some furniture over there to get redone. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was always a bit nervous pulling into the loading dock where there were usually 5 or 6 inmates milling around doing whatever and 1 guard sitting in his little secure bunker.

What is in these people’s heads that makes little kids a turn on? Raping your own kids is so messed up, guy deserves to be put a way for a long time.

so no conjugal visits?