Anything exciting happened in the past month since I last logged on??? It was a tough break, but had to be done. WHATD I MISS?!?!?!?

You failed.

Yeah, soddy1979 junior arrived yesterday!

soddy1979 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yeah, soddy1979 junior arrived yesterday! Congratulations, mate!!! Good timing…

congrats soddy is it a boy or giirl?

Thanks! A boy!



really? …congrats!

soddy thats awesome! congratulations! hope to be where you are at here sometime relatively soon…lol

wow u want to sleep with his wife not cool man not cool …his mother is one thing but u gotta draw the line somewhere

Cheers all, Man I’m tired! This is great though!

Congratulations, mate! New CFA candidate arrived :wink:

he started some time ago… (when dad was going thro’ the steps) and he already has his work experience approved. Congrats soddy1979. Is he being named soddy2011?

Too bad you can’t pass that CFA knowledge on in utero