SOPH / AMC - Discrepancy

I was just giving my ethics and asset manager conduct notes a last review and noticed something. the record retention in the soph state 7 yr if no guidelines by local regulators…the asset manager code of conduct states 6yrs…did anyone else notice this? am I missing something.

probably just something to fuck with candidates for testing purposes. makes no sense.

shit… i just realized the same thing… :frowning:

relax guys. answer the question as it comes up in context. AMC is “flexible”- says it right in the text that it’s by no means the end all be all. AMC does say 6 yrs min. SOPH says 7. ok, great. did you know that evergreen funds fell under normal GIPS rules, not real estate ones? you’re welcome. carry on.

Remember AMC applies to Asset Manager only while SOPH applies to all firms that choose to follow whether Asset Managers or Research Houses, etc…