Surprised nobody has posted this yet…I got a few laughs out of it.

Greek Week is Serious

Must be that time of the month.

There was another case a couple of years ago where some sorority had a mixer with some fraternity, and there was a lucky draw or something where the sorority members got paired up with the fraternity guys. Basically, the sorority prostitutes their members.

I for one loved that email. Lol

yup, this made the rounds a couple weeks back. evidently this chick has already resigned from her post.

She sounds awesome IMO.

I miss college…

There’s a great Funny or die video where Michael Shannon reads the letter.

I’d rather hang out with the girl who sent the email than the girl who was responsible for it going public. Somebody would get their ass beat if that happened at any self-respecting Fraternity.

I’d never trust anyone who bleeds for 5 days yet doesn’t die.

Not only doesn’t die but also multiplies

Never understood the attraction of Greek life.

My undergrad school had a residential college system. Loved it at the time, still love it.

Pretty sure she had an instant offer from GS, MS, or KKR. Think of what a BSV she’d be!

BSV is horribly graphic.

I can’t speak to all colleges but a lot (not to generalize to much) of the guys who joined frats at my college appeared to be those who were unsecure / losers and needed the comfort of brotherhood. On the other hand, their parties seem to attract girls looking for a good time. I never understood why people would go through all the trouble, and hazing, when you could just go to the party.

Because many of the best parties are the smaller private fraternity/sorority mixers that aren’t open to anybody.

Or the small house parties the frats weren’t invited to.

“I will ******* **** punt the next person I hear about doing something like that, and I don’t give a **** if you SOR me, I WILL ******* ASSAULT YOU.”

**** punt…Genius!

**** punt… I read that and died. Did anyone read the comments after? Apparently the girls name is rebecca martinson… just off of her tweet alone (Something about breakfast and morning woods) She sounds like a keeper .

Watch this guys:

[video: width:500 height:500]

She made a facebook page to relish in the fame. She acts like it’s the best thing that’s happened to her and brags about the success it’ll bring.

This was a common term in our high school. But I grew up 20 minutes from the Maryland border, maybe it’s a regional thing.

Dammit, I was hoping for a thread about George Soros inflitrating the highest echelons of the government using prostitutes.

Who cares what a 20YO hot college chick thinks about sorority girls’ orgies? (Wait, let me rethink that.)