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hi guys, some of you will remember i have been missing in action. … a series of personal and family issues took me away from almost everything including CFA. Now there is no way I am ready for the exam. I have not studied in months. Question is…should i go and endure the six hours of pain or just leave it till 2010? will apreciate your thoughts, especially for those who have written it before. do you see an advantage in having taken the exma before?

I’d take a crack at it. . . you will be better prepared next time.

If this is your first time taking level 3, I would recommend that you go anyway. No amount of practice exams can really get you comfortable with the actual experience of the AM session. I think it will greatly improve your chances next year. Who knows, you may even know a lot more than you think and pass this year.

grace, sorry to hear about that. we sure remember you. I would give it your best shot, especially the AM Section is a useful experience and above that, stranger things have happened.

Sorry about your situation grace grace. I would sit to get comfortable with the AM section. If the six hours of time are more important than what you think you could learn from sitting them don’t, but if not I would at least show up.

grace, very sorry to hear about your situation. I do remember seeing you around, and hope all is well with your situation. As some of the others have said, the AM part is a whole different animal, so if you are planning on doing this next year I would highly recommend sitting for the exam. If you have some spare time this week, try to focus just on the IPS stuff (SS4 and SS5) and try to make an attempt at those questions that you know for sure are going to be on the exam in the morning session. All the best!

Sorry to hear about the issues. Chance of passing if you don’t take it: 0.00% Chance of passing if you do take it: ~10%? Applying my proprietary multivariate model: 10%>0%.

what I would do is first take a few hours to read the sauce - just to better understand what they ask on the exam. Then i would probably sit the exam and do my best - since you will be able to relate your efforts to a fail band ( + there is always a chance you might pass who knows?)

grace grace, I was very pregnant and sick when I took level 2 the first time- I knew I would fail but I took it anyway. I hadn’t been able to study pregnant with a full time job. I didn’t stress about it, I literally went in for the experience. And it was worth it to me. Then I handily passed Level 2 taking it my second time last year. So good luck!

GG, these guys are just trying to get you to take the whole thing to take down the curve a bit! Sorry for that bad joke, but everyone here is right, just get the experience, and maybe even pull off a hail mary!

I agree with Smarshy’s analysis.

hi guys…lovely are u all… my only concern is that…i hear…(rumour?) that grading at level III for borderline cases may lead to a peep at your historical score…and then they factor it in… is this true? and if so then…what shall I do?

Never heard of that and I’m pretty sure it’s not true. In fact, CFAI clearly states that it doesn’t matter how many times you take an exam or how borderline you were, if you pass it it’s as good of a pass as anyone else’s. Likewise, a fail is a fail and nothing more.

grace, if you are wondering whether to go or not, JUST GO!!! experience makes you stronger !!!

if you never failed, you never lifed!

The experience doesn’t hurt, and the exam fee is a sunk cost. My question would be what other expenses you would incur going to take the exam. Lots of candidates live in a city where they can take a subway or drive to the center, while some have to fly / drive for a couple hours and get a hotel. If it’s the latter, that might be a reason not to take it. You can have the experience of the 2009 L3 exam when they post the exam / guideline answers in November. But if it’s just a subway ride or a short drive, go for it.

Sorry to hear about your situation GG, but as everyone has said, taking an attempt at it won’t hurt you, so you should just have a feel for it and then Smarsh’s model has also got some good predictions. Go for it.

Thanks guys the message is loud and clear and i thank you all.

Don’t forget to sit both sessions to help out your good buddies at AF!

sit in to help yourself and us!