SOS !!!!

Candidates, I’m so worried, never felt like this before… Everyone been telling me that L2 is a BEAST. The thing is, I havent started yet !!! thats what gives me literally stomach aches… Dunno what to do, I got my CFA material and I just cant start… L1 was pretty good for me on 1st attempt but this beast when I see the item sets and all that info thrown at me … feels like DEATH APPROACHIN I asked some experienced charterholders , and they said 5 months full on study (3-4 hours a day + 10 hours weekends) would be enough including revision 1 month. Therefore, enjoy whatever time left now then start Dec-Jan I’m very happy with stalla and currently waiting for the material … soon to be delivered. Bottom line: SOS , i.e. what should I do ? shall I start now or give it a nice break and enjoy NOV ? PLZ any comments ???

get your nose in the books! procrastination can drag on. the best time to start studying IMHO was a couple weeks/month ago (for the way i study). the second best time is today!

I just started today and I can honestly say, I hate Quant and I am glad it is not that large a part of the exam.

I started in Feb. and passed in June. You have plenty of time. You just need to be honest with yourself about what your study habits are and how you approach the exam and plan accordingly. Its not when you start, its what you do once you begin that matters. Unless its April and you haven’t started.

i started late february and passed in june… and frankly, worst case i bet i could have started 5 weeks before exam and passed… so you have huge amount of time. just go to a coffee shop and start. i should mention vis-a-vis my “5 weeks and pass comment” that i have unlimited time outside 9 to 5 weekdays and have a background in alot of this stuff… i know many don’t fit into these categories, especially the unlimited time.

started in feb on my first attempt and failed. i could have benefited with some extra time but i thought i was ready. i just didn’t perform well on game day. for 08 i started in late feb but got serious sometime in march and passed. honestly, just be diligent and don’t view it as some beast. confidence is key

Thank you all dear candidates. Hope you all pass

The only way not to fail Level 2: SUICIDE!!!