I will be giving Level-1 in June 2009. This question is more for L2 and L3 candidates: Can you pls throw some light as to what percentage of the questions appearing in the Schweser Practice tests-volumes 1 and 2 can we expect in the ‘real’ level 1 exam conducted by the institute? PS: By similarity, I don’t mean questions ad verbatim but more or less on the same lines. Has anyone done any ‘analysis’ on this? What I am trying to get at is if I cover both the Schweser practice tests 2009 as well as all the questions at the end of each chapter of the CFA curriculum study materials, do I stand a reasonable chance of clearing Level-1? Enlighten me, oh Level-2/3 takers! Thanks,

If you are getting above 70’s on the Schweser practice tests and the CFA exams you will be fine.

The questions are about your understanding of the material. If you understand the material you will pass the exam. If you don’t, you won’t. You have a 1/3 chance of passing if you sit for it. It’s about that simple.

Thanks a lot guys for all your valuable inputs- although more views are most welcome!

I found schweser to be far more computation intensive than the actual exam, it is however important to note that schweser being as such helped me become more prepared for the qualitative testing methods used on the exam

what about the solved examples in the CFA text? Do I spend time on those?

If you can hack a near 60% in Book 2 of the practice exams you should be fine…it’s pretty brutal. But that has more to do with knowledge level than style of questioning. From my end, I thought Schweser did a fairly decent job of replication of intensity and style. Except in quant…that was much easier on the exam.