Source of historical economic data and stock data


I’ve read about possible sources of information (bloomberg’s services, tradingeconomics, thomson reuters, factset, and others). It’s really confusing which to look into as they are too. I would like to know what services you guys use in your firms or recommend for seeing the historical 20-100 years economic data and/or stock data. I’m hoping this will work well as a filter to the services I should check out.

Well, at the office I’ve always had a Bloomberg terminal (expensive), to me that’s the standard. At home I have Reuters for fundamentals, and my broker has prices.

But 100 year data??

Why don’t you try the Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED), and see what you can pull out of Quandl? Both sources are free. Robert Shiller’s website out of Yale also has long-term equity return and aggregate earnings data for free.

Thanks for your reply. Specfically, which service of Reuters are you talking about? Thomson Reuters Eikon? And I just want to clarify-- does the Bloomberg terminal and/or Reuters service contain at least 20 years of economic data and stock data?

Wasn’t really sure about that… I just read about an analyst looking into 100 years worth of data and thought there might be something online for that.

Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch… I’ll look into those. Thank you (bows down).

Bloomberg should have all the data available, back to whenever the asset, or economic data, began. I’ve done 20yr before, just don’t remember ever needing more than that. And you can pull it into Excel.

Eikon might be something more advanced. What I have is called “Reuters Fundamentals”, financial statements, ratios, public company data. All the different packages people have is sort of confusing. FRED mentioned above has some interesting economic data. And World Bank, IMF.

We hav the same view with the different packages. It isn’t really convenient to look into each one.

Anyway, thanks again for the info… I’ll try to see Worldbank and IMF too.