I’ve read some articles on SPACS and am confused about the General Partner’s incentive package. The GP gets 20% of the company. Does this mean that when a deal is done the GP gets to exercise cheap options that dilute the market value of the compaby by 20%?

I don’t really understand your question. The GP is the promoter and usually has a lot to gain if the deal goes through. They buy units just like everyone else that consist of warrants and shares. They also put up cash. If deal doesn’t go through the cash goes back to the shareholders and management. I’m not 100% upto speed but that’s how the few I’ve seen have worked. Funny how everyone was all gung-ho about downloading Seth’s $1500 book yet nobody is paying attention to what Seth’s doing these dayz. I skimmed this article and thought the 20% was ownership, not incentive share. Yeah I saw Baupost is loaded up on these things.