Scene1 [AllLevelsPass] You come to my city steps and threaten me with failure and stress; You insult my queen; I have chosen my words carefully CFAI, perhaps you should have done the same!; [CFAI] Madness! This is Madness!! No man threatens an emisary!! Madness!! [AllLevelsPass] THIS IS SPARTA!!! Scene 2 [AllLevelsPass] CFAI numbers have counted for nothing. CFAI, come and get them! On these shields boys!! We are fighting in the shade!!!

F the spartans GO BLUE


wow this is soooo homos*xual

Well said, mzwerner.

Should be an interseting football season, but I won’t see much b/c of level III study :P. Hmm strange that I’m actually kinda happy about that

Spartans = safety school