"Special favors"

Assuming you pass next Tuesday, does anybody think that their wife / girlfriend (maybe both?) / significant other has any previously-off-the-table “special favors” planned to reward you for all your hard work and dedication?

Special favors went off the table about 2 years into the relationship…I am working on reinstating the favors (and their frequency) occuring 6 months into the relationship I am thinking about suggesting a 3 some…and she will say “sure, and I get to pick the other 2 people”

A break from nagging would be nice. (JUST KIDDING HONEY!!)

LOL…this is too funny. Special favor from my wife???

if your wife wont do it get a girlfriend/hooker

After just celebrating our 18th anniversary, I’ll settle for “favors” of any kind (special or not).

Seriously…if I pass I think we are going to have another child…this would be a favor to me for about 13 minutes and a large one for her as she has been pushing for a second for 2 years now…if I don’t pass then no child. Thanks CFAI for infecting me so badly that you are tipping the balance of life in the universe

13 minutes? you stud!!!

pingdanny Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- and a large one for her You’re not modest at all, are you?

13 minutes is all I can commit to especially in March-April-May :slight_smile: