Special offer from Schweser

http://www.schweser.com/news/email/cfa_2008/half_now/index.html Almost jumped on it, until I realized that I owe myself a break (read: I promised my 7-month pregnant wife that I would pay attention to her for the month of December).

not a bad offer. Thanks for the info Budfox. I might consider next week, because I am letting loose during my first free weekend since August.

That is a pretty good deal. However, if I failed i am going to use the 2008 CFAI books and just supplement those with the 2007 schweser info. I am not buying all brand new schweser stuff again.

^ agree.

That’s a great deal and great idea for Schweser.

Budfox…I’m in the same boat. My fiance is due in March :slight_smile: She says I’m addicted to studying. I almost purchased the L2 materials but I want to be sure I passed. So, I started studying GMAT materials lol. Now she’s making me feel guilty!

I’m trying to avoid the guilt. I studied out of a borrowed 2007 L2 FSA book this weekend for a couple of hours while she slept. :slight_smile: I figure she’ll be more forgiving if I knock it out first time through and have more time to spend with her and our little girl. But she’s SUPER emotional right now, so I am treading lightly.

So when they say “online access” to their PDF files, that means you can view, but not save and/or print them, right? Why bother mentioning that they are PDF files if you can only view them online?

SUPER emotional doesn’t even begin to explain! :slight_smile: I would describe it as multiple personality disorder with a hint of paranoid schizophrenia

askajan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > SUPER emotional doesn’t even begin to explain! > :slight_smile: I would describe it as multiple personality > disorder with a hint of paranoid schizophrenia Yep, and when you get right to it, its all OUR fault!

oi vey


How much is it usually. Not too sure about my Dec. 1 exam so if this is a good deal i just might jump on it.

its not going to save you any money, I don’t think. It just affords you the opportunity to start on L2 early if you want without having to buy the curriculum. And before anyone chimes in, I don’t work for Schweser, and I couldn’t care less who uses this program or any other. I used them for the December exam, got this email last week, and thought someone might benefit from it. Nothing more.

I think next week I;m going to order one of the complete Schewser packages. It’s definately going to feel weird studying for the L2 exam when I don’t know if I’ve passed L1 yet. I feel like I have a good shot at passing, but you never know. I have heard from multiple sources that L2 is much harder than L1 and is a completely different animal. I figure I need at least 4 months to review the material and at least 1 month to review everything before taking the test. That means, I must start studying the L2 material on Jan. 1 at the latest. If L1 doesn’t happen for me this time, then I;ll just use the CFAI Text and supplement with 2007 Schewser materials. Agree with Bodymore.