Special T-Shirt for exam day - violation?

So, since in two weeks I will hopefully sit for the CFA exam the last time in my life, I thought of something special. First, I wanted to wear a pink bathrobe to show how much I care, but then I thought maybe people will call the cops on me. So after some rumination I searched all possible acronyms with the letters CFA and among the top results is the Cat Fanciers Association. Now my plan is to wear a T-shirt that looks like this :


just to f*ck with some heads.

However, I don’t want to get PCPed for my little prank, so the question is, whether this can be construed as a violation of the Code and Standards.

Only one way to find out

no way this is a violation. do it

LOL that’s would be hilarious!

I get the humor, and I honestly think it’s funny and would kick ass. However, why take the risk that a proctor with a chip on their shoulder doesn’t get the joke and decides to make you a target? Claims you didn’t put your calculator or pen down in time…whatever…for not showing respect to the designation or what have you. You’ve come all this way to take a risk with…a gag t-shirt?

the proctors are independently hired test folks. they have no loyalty or tie down to CFA institute. they only care about cheating, checking tickets etc

the point is moot now anyway, even if I order today, it appears I won’t get it in time… too bad

time to save those chinese to go boxes and become a calculator

^ Real men build 12c’s out of take out boxes.