Specific test question

There was a question from the exam that has been driving me crazy since i took the exam. It was a [deleted by admin] question that i knew i was calculating right but the correct answer was not an option. I went over it again when i got home and confirmed i was right. I am thinking i must have missed something simple.Am i allowed to ask about the specific s of this question without being in violation of the standards? Or do i have to take my frustration to the grave?

You take your frustration to the grave.

surpriseoh …i have a hard time believing you made it to level 2. Oh, it’s def a troll !!!

This is where CFAI misses the boat IMO-- i.e. increasing difficulty through obfuscation instead of testing harder or more concepts. For Level 2, I would rather have a Level I type exam with 240 clearly presented questions, than 120 with obscure, wordy questions that make the tester work backwards from the data given just to setup the problem. Some of the questions are just hard to decipher whether or not you know the concept. How does that make me a better analyst?

It will have to go to your grave. In fact, if it were me, I would edit your original post to be less descriptive as to the content topic the question was related to.

I know which question you are talking about and I know where you most probably made your mistake, but because of the codes and standards I can not talk about it. I understand your frustration but unfortunately the right answer was among the choices.

This forum has turned into a Q&W affair. Party A tries to formulate an acceptable Question about the exam, Party B Warns Party A that the way he formulated the question violates Standard VII. CFAI has truly brainwashed us.

I think you didn’t read my comment fully. I didn’t warn party A that him formulating the question violates Standard. I said that if I want to explain where he made his mistake I am in violation of the standards.

I’m not understanding why people are not sharing general concepts and ways problems could be solved or made tricky as in the cfai manuals without any connection as to what was on the test. This is what being done for months before the test.

Maybe because at the moment people are mostly concerned about questions on the test so if you’re asking a question it was likely on the test? If you have a specific question re EOC, ask it. Otherwise, do us a favor and get over it. None of us wants to jeopardize 300+ hours of work so someone can feel better about how he or she may have done on the exam.


Everyone on this forum passed the exam I bet, we made the MPS this year 67% or 80/120 I am sure.

I kid you not! We are the only people on the planet who think the CFA exam was a walk in the park.

CFA Gods if you are reading this, I wrote the exam and I thought I studied so much that the answers came to me and I probably fell into the traps you set for me! But I am good person at heart, meaning I am ethical. Please let me pass ethical adjustment or not! =)

Sorry OP. The correct answer was among the choices. But if you guessed, you still had a 33% chance.

It really does suck we can’t discuss questions but obviously the CFAI has their reasons.

I think you’re right about this. Some of my friends from a prep course I did were commenting about how difficult the exam was on Saturday. The AF group are probably an outlier, toward the higher end of the curve.