Specifics on Whey Protein

Anyone who started going to the gym or have visited a health supplement store will definitely have heard of _ Whey Protein _. Not many would be able to separate the fact from the fiction amidst all the hype on health products surrounding this protein powerhouse. Whey is a protein found in milk and egg whites. It is the byproduct when you curd milk. The huge advantage of using whey is that it gets into the bloodstream within a few minutes of consumption. They get digested so quickly so that they can start the first line of repair on your muscles. The next advantage about whey is solubility. Whey is absorbed quickly by the body. Whey is recommended to be consumed during breakfast as it goes straight to the muscles after a whole night of starvation. Similarly, this state happens also after your workout so that is also a good time for consumption of whey. In recent years, there were a number of different studies done on whey protein. One of the things that was determined that it can boost the body’s natural defenses. Additionally, it was discovered that when properly taken, it may reduce the chances of getting cancer. It was proved to be particularity beneficial to prospects people in danger from breast cancer. However, anyone thinking of taking a pure whey protein should make certain that they can take the correct amount. So, if whey protein is not a supplement to your diet on a daily basis, and you want to body build, then you better start including it.

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This seems like a very unfocused kind of spam, but:

The guys quoting scientific articles at bodybuilding.com nutrition forums seem to defend that most of what OP wrote is not really true.

Speed of digestion should be irrelevant ( your body is using previous day protein to build muscle anyway). This is the same reason why the breakfast comment would not apply. Google intermitent fasting to find bodybuilders who eat just once a day or so.

There are many bodybuilders who don’t take whey protein, because protein is just protein for the most part - your body doesn’t know it came from a pretty box and it was separated from the original milk in a machine. Some proteins are incomplete, but whatever you eat gets combined to form aminoacids in the body.

I have no idea about the cancer stuff - maybe the OP has access to a plethora of unbiased studies and can share them with us. The “properly taken” part makes it seem weird.



Does anyone else have stomach aches after taking Whey?

I have had similar results eating meals after a workout instead of whey protein. Crazyman, from what i have read in the past, speed does play an important role in building muscle. Thats why casineate is recommended at night, whey isolate after working out ect.

I think now that we are out of the meathead era of the 80s, what is more important is what you consume with your protein. Complex carbs vs simple, fatty acids, vitamins and different food to prevent joint failure, and promote overall good health.

Anyway, not quite sure the intent on this post.

Just eat some eggs cooked in butter.

Make sure you mix completely, let shake sit for a minute, sip, don’t chug.

should have added *SPAM ALERT* in the title, you’ve watsed my click :-@

Yeah, what if we improperly take it? Like snorting it???

I say eat a big piece of meat with the fat/skin still on it, and throw the whey in the trash. Eat like a man!

don’t drink it with milk.

apparently water is the most efficient way for it to dissolve into your system

OP is going to get a nice raise from dmuscle.com for drumming up such a big discussion on an obvious spam post. Can’t believe this hasn’t yet been deleted by a moderator.

You sure about that? You are compensating taste though.


This is a ink to a bunch of papers on meal frequency for bodybuilders - one can surf the stickies at their Nutrition section to get more info.

Basically, current science seems to support that you can eat anytime you want, you don’t need whey at all, and if you take it you don’t need to worry about timing, absorption speed or whatever. Of course, if you do worry, this will not hurt you - it is just not relevant, apparently.

What makes a difference is having an adequate amount of calories, proteins, fats, water and micronutrients throughout the day.

Of course, in the next few years they may come out with new research that changes everything. Maybe broccoli is evil and we don’t know it yet.

just take steroids, much easier and results are fantastic

not really.a fair few people who seem to know their stuff told me.

yeah,it sucks with water

Agreed that macros matter most.

I’m not sure how those 10 unbelievably random studies over the past 2 decades prove your point. One of them is titled “Association of eating frequency with body fatness in pre- and postmenopausal women.”

Sorry about that. I just linked to the fastest “studies” thread I could find.

This is a little better, I guess: http://www.jissn.com/content/pdf/1550-2783-10-5.pdf

From here, you can follow a lot of links: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=123915821 .

Of course, studies show what happens to the average subject, and nobody is average.

My opinion is not really based on a specific link. It’s just that, every time I saw people discussing about nutrient timing, there seemed to be way more articles/experts pointing towards just hitting the macros.

Maybe this will be proved wrong in the future - maybe you have evidence that this is debatable now. Either way I think the OP’s strong spamming statements are hardly undisputable, to say the least.

I drink whey for breakfast just about everyday, and I haven’t been sick in years. There might be some truth here.

Started as a weight lifting thing. Then just lazy mans breakfast.