Speculative Option Idea

Your boy had a good outing on the craps table this weekend and has a few thou to invest in some options. I’m looking for one idea to gamble 3k in, what say you?

In b4 diversified ETF because the investing game is rigged against retail investors, etc.

So you want some inside information it sounds like?

^No no, i dont partake in said activities. What i am looking for is some call ideas, OTM or ITM, in which some of you OGs would invest in if you didnt have a mortgage, kids, and other costs deterring such bets.

Okay Govt.

I have due on March 21st, a call condor spread on WHR, 140,145,150,155 strike.

It’s a conservative play, and I put it on a week ago, but it’s still in a good range that you can probably get 40/60 on it. So if it closes between 145 and 150 by mar 21, you’ll make a decent gain.

you in?

I say why blow it all trying to hit the homer? But if you’re gonna then Sell 10 $3 FCEL puts and use that to finance buying the $4 calls and go out a month or two. Trade is free and you have defined risk with unlimited upside…leveraged. …