Speed dating

Has anybody been to one of these events ?

Ah yes, the trivial nature of speed dating. Why would I want to spend two minutes trying to know somebody? I don’t post on this message board often and would any of you truly say you know me? I am a wealthy executive with absolute power over every aspect of my life. I have earned everything I have in this world and I have no time for somebody to try to understand that in 1 minute? Most of you can’t understand that no matter how eloquent my monologues are.

i do my speed dating at mclass , it is a classy site and the girls are always receptive

By replying to this, I have made your comment a dialogue.


Sounds like an ED commercial.

I definitely don’t understand the question mark at the end of your sentence.

The purpose of speed dating is to figure out quickly 1) if you have any physical attraction to this person, and 2) whether you have anything to say to each other that is remotely interesting, and 3) to pick up any asshat vibes a person gives off, all without requiring that you come up with an opening line.

I get the sense that two minutes is all one needs to figure out if you want to interact with someone a second time.

Speed dating still exists in a post-Tinder/Grindr world?

I think he’s acting like he’s british or something, where punctuation is out the window.