Speed of Bailout.

When is this bailout going to be in place and at what speed will it start buying assets. . . We need this thing in place and buying assets immediately!! This deleveraging is making my head spin!

Assets are returning to their rightful owners.

I don’t think this bailout package is really going to do THAT much. Its patchwork and has all kinds of problems. The sequestering of executive bonuses in equity only stakes and implicit assumption that the government is going to make a profit on these putrid papers is kind of phony balogna to me. Willy

It’s not going to do anything for JustPass problem in anything like the short-term. Sorry dude. If deleveraging is killing you, you’re already dead.

I know the problems will continue but at this point what is the alternative?

it takes time for the assets to return to their rightful owners. The government is trying to sidetrack that process by buying assets for too much money for the taxpayer.

JustPass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I know the problems will continue but at this > point what is the alternative? There really isn’t one. Some bailout needs to happen even if I hate it. At least they went through some democratic process that I recognize. I think dangling a bailout like this and then not passing it would be unbelievably deflating for markets. If Congress just says no, bite-me, on to other things, we will have an incredible butt-whumping coming.

if congress did that I would become a political donor and I would start wearing american flags around all over the place. I’d maybe even get a real job and curtail my surfing addiction.