Speed up EOC Review

EOC review is boring and very time consuming…I usually re-solve item-set questions while read the notes I wrote on others. It’s an irony that I’m still struggling on some questions. What’s your strategies?

Its indeed time consuming. But notes made next to it helps reminding the trick used to solve the question quickly. During review loads of tricks are getting afresh which i feel should be helpful. However there is so much to remember :frowning:

Yea EOC’s are rough. They eat up a lot of time, but they should be the hardest questions you can encounter on the actual exam, so I plan on running through all of them once more before the exam.

This is my game plan.

L3 is more about comprehension , especially AM . If anyone try to cover the curriculum with questions (essay, EOC) there is a good chance of missing important material (especially relative new ones). Also I have experienced EOCs do not cover whole reading in substantial number of readings (anyway I have done all item set EOCs and 50% other EOCs, and no more).

My plan is refreshing memory by doing quizzes and reviewing in detail both right and wrong answers. I’ll go through this process till coming Sunday (finishing all sessions). Only then I move to mocks, and other tests. The logic is, mocks and sample tests are to get ready for the exam, not a learning tool, at least for me.

Will see by August.

I think by only focussing on EOC, I tend to lose the other important aspects of the reading. Don’t know how to balance it out. I am at work for one more week full!

I am in the same situation L3Cruc. I am going to finish up all practice exams this week after work with review and flash cards each night. My plan is to get through all bbs and the important eoc’s from Sat-Tues. Then review everything and redo any tough questions Wed and Thurs. Some review if necessary friday, but try to relax and get a massage and a good workout.