Speed up test speed

I’ll be writing the level 1 in 5 days.

I’ve done 4 practice exams and mock. With average around 55%.

My main problem is always running out of time, perhaps with 15 questions left usually.

Anyone else have this problem? How did you overcome this? Just focus extra hard?

limit yourself to 1.5 min per question, if you cannot answer it, guess and move on. Some questions may be trap questions where they suck all your time.

Move on and move on. 1. You must strictly limit the maximum time for each questions, if you cannot solve in time tick * for it. In case you feel totally strange with it, tick **. Then come back when you finish the 1st turn. 2. One more important thing to consider is that you must decide which topics you are good at and deal with them in order relative w your strenghts.

True, very good tips.

I always used to do the exam on the weights to the results…

Ethics, FRA, Equity and then the rest based on my comfort level. Always better to finish the top 3 first and then move to the rest!

All the best guys…not long to go

Good tips here! This is probably something I’ll try to stick to… Good luck to everyone!

Based on my own experience, spending a lot of time on a question literally means you just don’t know.

There are some sections where literally I read the question and know the answer without looking at the multiple choice answers. I get roughly 85% on those sections. But when I get stuck on questions in any given section, I come out with 65%. I literally have to go back and restudy what I don’t understand. So you say you are getting 55% and you are running out of time, I’d say you need to hard nose it and get into those books. Chin up though, still time to practice and do questions! Make every minute count

The technique I use is that if I’m not sure on an answer I will circle the question number and move on, then come back to all that i’ve missed once I’ve got through the paper. No point on spending 30 mins on 10 tough questions which you may get wrong anyway and missing out on answers that you know towards the end.

I lightly shade answers that I think may be correct before moving on though, or mark my paper (or cross an answer box if I know an answe is definitely wrong. In terms of order of answering I just go numerically. Don’t feel answering particular topics first will help, as all questions are equally weighted. Maybe go to your strong points first if you feel you may stuggle for time. Personally I think Ethics is a nice warm up and grew used to the section order from doing the mocks anyhow, plus had a good idea of how far along I should be at each point.

Whatever you do don’t panic and rush yourself, doing things too quickly will lead to silly mistakes.

i will attempt ethics at the end. Its my weakest area dont want to get tense at the start