Spend more time on a weak area or keep going?

Right now I am in the midst of completing SS’s 9 and 10. I’ve already identified SS9 as a weak area. Should I spend some more time going over SS9 or should I trudge along the other sections and come back to it at a later date? I’m aiming to complete all my studying by early November to review.

I’d recommend doing some questions to identify specific areas of SS9 you’re weak in. How about doing the Schweser or CFAI questions, or if you’ve already done those, do some Qbank questions. After a handful of questions, move on!

I skipped SS9, when I realised the material was not going in ! I finished the rest of the curriculum and went back to SS9…I felt more comfortable putting the rest behind me, knowing there was nothing worse than SS9 to encounter…now waded through SS9 and have a better understanding,will definitely need to spend more time on it though,the weakest of my weak points for the whole curriculum…

I find SS9 pretty hard too, especially the reading on income taxes. I spent a couple of days trying to comprehend it. I’ve decided to do what you are and am moving on. I’ll back to it after finishing the rest of FSA. Hopefully I’ll understand it better then.

SS9 is one of the MOST important areas on the exam. I cannot stress enough how well you need to know that session. HOWEVER, for the time being, continue with the other areas, master those, then devote as much time as needed to SS9 til you master it.

Thanks for the advice everyone!

make small examples , in excel , of concepts in SS9 especially def tax and financing obligations … play with numbers a bit and things will get clear in you head … thats what I do when I have problem getting somethings into my head… I think its prudent to skip and comeback at the topic when you are more comfortable but I just cant move an inch forward until I get the handle on a topic …

SS9 is a beast, just because there’s so much material. I feel bad for anyone not using Schweser or Stalla to break it down into something more manageable.