How much calories does one hour of advance spin class burn? - 500+ cals? The instructor plays some smashing hit bollywood remix’s which really pumps me up for a 5 miles threadmill run later after the class.

That’s about what I burn a class. If you put the resistance up, you’ll burn more.

I have some girls doing TurboFire at home now…that program makes you burn 500+ usually (at high-intensity, can get to 800+). Check it out.

How much does a 30 min in steam room burn or does it burn at all? - because the weight loss is more due to loss of water from the body and will be back to level when you hyderate yourself :expressionless:


Is it just me or is LeGrandeFinale going a little overboard with the weight loss stuff …

Since I have no CFA this year or the next year or the next… (or the next…), health has taken top priority. I had ignored it for a little to long and the love handles won’t budge nor the extra tyre i carry round my tummy! Is belly fat the most impossible to get out of the way???

^ How much do you weight? I remember you said you are 5.7 or something. Work on weight lifting dude.

Belly fat is the most difficult to lose, generally. Do less cardio, and more resistance training. Limit cardio to 2x a week. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat.

If you do weight training and are careful with your diet (e.g., watching pm carbs for the most part) you’ll drop most of the excess without throwing up your lungs spinning.

5’5" and 132lbs … but I have a tiny belly to take care of

Next time you’ll tell us you’re 5’3’’ dude.

supersadface is 5’7". You can check my pics on FB too - I am on your friends list ;-p -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Re: Fastest 1 miler (on treadmill)? Posted by: supersadface (IP Logged) Date: October 12, 2010 02:49PM Did a half marathon (Boston) over the weekend and ran sub-9s the whole way but still got my worst time ever because I hadn’t trained enough. My best “distance” mile pace was running a half marathon with 8:01 splits for average mile time. My best short distance mile was running at a seven minute mile pace on a treadmill and keeping it up for 30 mins, just to see if I could. I haven’t run a single mile flat-out in years. I reckon if I psyched myself up I might be able to break 7 minutes, but it’d be tough. I’m in the same boat as GrandeFinale - I’m 5’7" and my stride is not long at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Every body do not forget I can clear describe my case ; I am not crazy ! I talk the truth only. -qqqbee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LaGrandeFinale Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > supersadface is 5’7". You can check my pics on FB > too - I am on your friends list ;-p Oh I get it, then you’ll be fine. Still think weight trainning and diet is way more effective. Cut the booze for a while if want faster results.

Diet will make a huge difference, cutting out soda’s, sweets, etc. I personally don’t manage my diet, as it will diminish your training intensity. But if you have the discipline and weight loss is first priority, you should audit your diet, by tracking it for two weeks, cut out sweets, increase frequency of eating but decrease portions and maintain a balanced workout. If you’re trying to cut belly fat it’s a long hard road. You’re going to have to maintain a pretty strenuous discipline over a long haul. The hardest part is to find the motivation to continue to really push yourself after a couple months.

Also, don’t be afraid to wear less layers in winter, staying outside in the cold for walking commutes, etc will burn surprising calories as your metabolism increases to fight the cold.

LaGrandeFinale Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 5’5" and 132lbs > > … but I have a tiny belly to take care of wow dude you’re going to be 5’5 125 pounds before you have a define 6pack. If you look at most runners they’re extremely skinny but if you look at most sprinters they’re jacked and ripped to spreds. If you want muscle defination with a defined 6 pack you’ll have to train like a sprinter.

yeah, I’ve been told sprint training or even focusing on your times for distance will do the most for dropping fat