spoiler q about the 1st CFA mock for those who took already

ok i’m looking it over now and have a question on the SS5 vignette on the choosing avail for sale, equity method, consolidation, etc. I think I got like 2 of these q’s wrong b/c I f’d up the dividends. on the right it said the divs paid for each of the companies. my question and i can’t remember or go back to the question itself (annoying)- did it say somewhere that those were the divs received by the company that owned a portion of each? i screwed up the q’s b/c i took let’s say it was 30% ownership and a $5 div, only 30% of the $5 div not the full thing. answers seem to have them taking the full div into the calcs. i took it as you’d only get your portion of that full div and the full company’s div is what they posted up there, but obviously that was wrong. stupid mistake- screwed me on 2 questions i think. does anyone remember this vignette? rest of my calcs were fine but i couldn’t get an answer to line up b/c i took proportions of the divs and not the full thing like they did in the answer. how would i have known to use that full div? (aka, did they put on top something like “div that company A received” and i missed that?) thx!