sponsor form

has anyone got the sponsor form from CFAI? we are suppose to click on the request link and the email with the sponsor form will be sent to us, which we should forward to the sponsors however, I have clicked on the link for three times and yet I receive no email. does this happen to anyone here? what is going on?

Do you have correct email address in the profile? If you changed it recently they might still send the forms to the old one (they did for me). Call them or shoot them an email.

I had to call them, b/c they can’t send emails to aol web addresses. Anyway, the woman on the phone told me to fill out a hard copy available via a link from the website (I think the one they send you is just populated with your personal info). I faxed this to them yesterday.

thanks very much for the response i will have to call them from taiwan tonight otherwise, it will have to be hard copy btw, Etienne, congrat on the highest score i’ve seen

Hi, David Good to know that you’re from Taiwan, I’m a Taiwanese too. Having probelm to find a regular member sponsor, I have no friends in “CFA alliance”. Do you have a friend who is a regular member or you get your sponsor from Taipei CFA association? Thanks !

kate the taiwan CFA association has a monthly gathering. i would suggest you attend the next one and you should meet a lot of CFA members. my email is david@jyoungconsultants.com.tw email me your email address. i will forward the time and place to you.