Sponsor Form


Where can I find a sponsorship form that needs to be completed and signed by my sponsor?

I have looked on the CFAI website but all I could find was the Awareness and Access forms and my univerisity does not fall under Recognised Universities.


Well, I’d start by getting your educational requirement firmed up. That recognized universities list isn’t the list that are acceptable, just ones that CFAI recognizes as advocates of the program. Don’t worry about not being on there. If your university is accredited, you’re probably ok.

Second, you don’t need your “sponsor” until you submit your work experience through the website when applying for membership. That’s when CFAI sends out an e-mail survey to your sponsor that they complete from the comfort of their computer.

Thanks Geo, to be clear all i need to do is complete the registration form to take the exam in June before any info will be sent my sponsor? Where on the form will I have to fill in the sponsor’s details?

I don’t mean to be rude, but all the information is on the website. Asking questions like this just demonstrates your lack of research and/or comprehension abilities.

In brief:

You don’t need to fill out your work experience for approval until you’re ready to apply for membership. Most people apply for membership after level 3 is complete. If you want your work experience to be verified now, you can easily find that webpage on your candidate tool bar, where you go through a multi step process of entering your professional profile. They will ask for your sponsor’s email then. There is really no advantage to doing this so early in your candidacy other than to have your work experience accrue while you’re working your way through the program.

Your time is better spent understanding what this program entails, and studying for the actual exam. You don’t buy an engagement ring before finding a woman.

Hi guys, thanks for the comments. Found out that my lecturer cannot sponsor me since my university is not a partner. And he was refering to the old system. This is from the CFAI.