Sponsor Kit Form

Hi everyone, I have a question with regards to the Sponsor Form, which my supervisor has to fill out for me in order to get the charter. There are 2 question where my supervisor and myself do not really know which box to tick: 1.) Does the applicant construct and reblance portfolios of assets (eg fixed income and equity securities) for clients? Yes / No 2.) Does the applicant value and recommend assets (eg. fixed income and equity securities) for inclusion in portfolios? Yes / No 3.) Does the applicant spend at least 50% of his/her time engaing in one or a combination of the above activities? Well, I am currently working in the leveraged finance department of an international investment bank so tasks include determining the max. debt capacity of companies , Structuring of Leveraged Buyout Solutions, Financial modelling of LBOs etc. So I cannot honestly answer yes to the 1. question as I don’t do it for clients, and potentially yes to the 2 nd question. However, I do not want to miss out on the charter just because of this. Does anyone have any experience on this? thanks for your answers Hans

If the hang up is client versus for your own firm’s capital, I think your supervisor can answer yes to both. I think they are interested in the tasks.

Those are not necessary to have the experience count but I figure if you answer yes to either of those then it’s likely that your work experience automatically qualifies.