Sponsor statements

any idea what sort of stuff they ask the sponsors? Is there anyway we can preview that stuff? seems like you send them a link but dont get to see what they have to answer.

Tasks that the sponsor you choose is required to do: 1. Sign into the CFA Institute sponsor page using your CFA Login. If you do not have a username/password you must create one then return to this email and click the sponsor page link again. If the link does not work, copy and paste the following into your browser: http://www.cfainstitute.org/finsecustomer_enu/start.swe?SWECmd=GotoView&SWEView=CFA+Sponsor+Form+Smart+Script+Player+View 2. Select either “Supervisor” or “Other” to identify your relationship to the applicant. 3. Identify the applicant whom you are sponsoring by entering the following e-mail address: 4. Complete the four sponsorship questions. Please answer the work experience questions based on the applicant’s duties regardless of the amount of months accrued. For the fourth question - a writeup of tasks performed by me to help in the investment decision making process from sponsor’s perspective is required.If the sponsor is not your direct supervisor (another CFA charterholder) you may need to help him by providing your writeup. Make sure that it is brief, to the point. Too much is NOT REQUIRED, from my experience.

http://www.cfainstitute.org/Forms/cfa_annual_conf_sponsor_kit.pdf The online questions (which CP is referring to and people use nowadays), are similar if my memory has not failed me completely (it has been a while I sponsored new members).

elcfa, do you still sponsor new members? I’ve got my supervisor’s sponsor; so need just one more! could you possibly sponsor me? the local CFA society wrote to try to find someone but so far no news… 4EC

4EC I do but I prefer though my local society. I let them know that I am available as the last resort and they contact me if they think it is appropriate. Call your local society and follow up. They will try to help you out, if giving enough time. The last thing I want is to be bombarded with sponsoring request through this board, just look at the old exam request thread!!!

elcfa, hope your generosity pays off !!! and agreed to allow the local society enough time!

Does your supervisor have to be a member, or anyone will do?

Your supervisor does not have to be a member or a CFA charterholder. However, if you choose someone who is not your supervisor, they have to be a charterholder and a member of your local society

JP_RL_CFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Your supervisor does not have to be a member or a > CFA charterholder. huh?

If you don’t wanna pick your supervisor as a sponser, you can pick someone else but they have to be a charterholder and be a member of your local CFA society. Stop making me repeat myself punk :slight_smile:

Say what? J/k, thanks for the clarification.

Correction. Only one sponsor has to be a member of the local CFA society.

Two sponsors completed their sponsoring for me, and now my application shows a status of “Work Experience Review”. Does this mean CFAI is reviewing my “Work Experience” ? What will be the procedures subsequently ? How long the remaining process will take ?

Can I pick my former supervisor (who is charterholder) as sponsor ? Can she check the supervisor box in the sponsor letter ?