Sponsor's for CFA Membership

What exactly does this form the sponsor’s need to complete entail? Looking through the website it mentions the form but doesn’t really state what it is. It just states once you apply and provide your sponsor’s that I will get an email of the form. Before I ask sponsor’s I want to know what it is all about. -Thanks,

You can see the form on the CFA of MN site, not sure if its the same for all but this will give you an idea. It is downloadable so they can fill it out or you can have it emailed to your sponsor and they can electronically fill it out. It only asks a few things, their name, member number, their employment info. here is the link- http://www.cfamn.org/Pages/MembershipAppLinks.aspx

They have to verify your employment

Some random dude (literally, not a friend or even a friend of a friend) on Linkedin ask me to sponsor him…not cool.

^^ Yea that is strange. I have people in mind I just wanted to let them know what they had to do since my manager is not in the program.

Your sponsors will be required to verify your employment. The people called your main sponsor i.e. your manager, asks things like “what’s your day to day activities”, “is it investment related” and briefly describe your firm etc.