Do you have any idea re finding sponsors from the local CFAI chapter. I do not know anyone here and those I contacted told me they have no basis to sponsor someone they do not know … I know some CFA charterholders in the US but I must find a local sponsor. Should I apply for membership in the CFAI charter in Tucson (USA) - as I know some people there. But I live in Sydney not Tucson.

same with me-I do not know anyone with a CFA charter. …and I am definetly not going to start calling foreign people “Hello may I be your friend?”!!!

Your local CFAI chapter should be obligated to provide you with prospective charterholders who are willing to be your sponsor. I know this process is probably easier in bigger Metropolitan areas, but Sydney is a pretty big place, and I know for a fact that Aussies are uber-friendly. Cold calling is an inevitable aspect of life, even in finance.

It sounds like you contacted random people in the area. Have you contacted the local chapter itself? They should be able to help you out. I’d try to get to a local CFA society event and talk to people in person. Otherwise just use Tucson (if you can).

Hi dlhdang, The following is reply I got from CFAS Membership Director about 1 year ago. Part of my original enquire was same as yours and answers are: " Besides this, as described below, CFAI and CFAS require the sponsorship of two people. Under normal circumstances, one must be a Regular Member of CFAS and the other your supervisor under which you have done relevant investment work. As per CFAI’s email below, they have waived the supervisor requirement, therefore we ask that you are sponsored by two Regular Members. If required, CFAS will provide you with the sponsorship of one CFAS Regular Member but for the second sponsorship, we ask that you provide this. CFAS organises several educational and learning events throughout the year and this could be a good place to learn more about CFAS and to meet other members." I think by shooting them an email membership@cfas.org.au, CFAS will direct your email directly to the Membership Director. Good luck and congruadulations.

Hi pennyyf, and other fellows: Thanks for your recommendations. The sponsorship issue has been sorted out. My former supervisor is in the Sydney Society , I just worked with him for a short time, but he is willing to sponsor me. The beauty of having a local sponsor is I can attend local Society events. I also have other sponsors from the US and Melbourne Societies. Things work out well so far. Thank you all.

also check to see if any of your professors (current/prior) are members.