Sport Gambling

major sports leagues are getting ready for legalized gambling.

I am pretty happy about this since i average a 65% winning pct on games bet.

They should also legalize online poker.

Get ready for every single commercial during a sporting event being about in play gambling, usually with Ray Winstone

former trader going 16 for 16 every week on the NFL moneylines, everybody quit their job!

Ignition Poker or Carbon Poker are the best legal US sites in my opinion BetOnline is ok, but the players really suck if you’re into that sort of thing. This just means that it is higher variance. I don’t like high variance. PokerStars NJ and 888 NJ are good if you live there but I’ve never played and don’t live in NJ.

how are they legal?

It’s a funny law. I’m not sure about every state, but the poker part isn’t illegal. It’s the money transfers and taxation that screw online sites. That’s why when the big three sites were busted 5-6 years ago no users were punished. In fact, we could file a claim to get our money back. Still waiting for my $24. It’s more of a money laundering/tax evasion/pyramid scheme that makes the sites themselves illegal.

Online gambling is legal in NJ but you have to be in NJ, or at least your IP address has to say you’re in NJ. No idea what the offerings are like though.

I first heard of Ray Winstone from Beowulf, where his CGI character is muscular. Then I found out in real life, he is a chubby old dude.

The movie Sexy Beast is worth watching if you like things like Snatch and Lock Stock. He spends pretty much the entire movie wearing nothing but speedos which is a bit off-putting but it’s a good film.

Shore do

Versus the spread/odds, or merely straight up?

I can already answer that there’s no way that’s against the spread (and with a reasonably large sample size).

ATS. I won the office ATS league 2 out of last 3 years.

i haven’t heard of global - I’ll have to check it out

I’m guessing that for an office pool, you could make your pick against stale lines?

There’s no way that you have a consistent 65% winning percentage ATS for up-to-date lines. Even the pros can’t do that. If you could really win 65% of the time, you wouldn’t just be betting in an office pool… in fact you wouldn’t need to be working in an office period.

Just wanted to brag that the only sport I’ve ever bet on is boxing and the only fighter I ever bet on is Floyd Money Mayweather.

uhhh yeah I played a game on there and volume is super low and also couldn’t get the paypal to transfer but glad I couldn’t cause they don’t even have preferred seating and the whole interface is really odd

id recommend carbon poker

I have always found that it’s better to bet on the odds makers than to bet on the teams.