Sports Terms/Phrases You Can't Stand



3 ball

Charity Stripe


Stood on his head

The helper


Downhill runner

Take the top off the defense


Quality start

5 tool player


Tee box/Tee ball

Fairway metal (yeah, we know they’re not made of wood anymore but they’re still fairway woods)


Love (what the fuq is wrong with zero? Something against the Mayans and Babylonians?)

Ad in/ Ad out

Any multiple of match point (I don’t care if you only have to win one of the next three points. If you’re not going to win 3 matches with the next point, it’s not triple match point)

As a former hockey goalie, I appreciated the phrase “stood on his head.”

The only one that really jumps to mind is around the NFL draft when they call guys “physical freaks.” Like when the Chiefs drafted Jonathan Baldwin a few years ago. Who, you ask? The WR with the most “athletic ability” and he’s going to be great because he’s a “phenomenal physical specimen.”

But can he get off the line of scrimage, run routes, and - oh yeah - catch the god damn ball? No.

Gadget Play

Spider Y 2 Banana

all i hear lately when people talk about or announce hockey is “jam”. what the hell is jam?

man baldwin was a stud…until he got on the field

Cannot stand Jim Nance “hello friends” - shoot me!

you either stand on your head or you’re a sieve. no three ways about it.

The “two minutes or less” hockey power play cliché. Especially when it comes from Kelly Hrudey 10 times a night.

i always shout b4ng b4ng or b4ng3rs when i take a shot. Sometimes CARMELO ANTHONY. ppl are always confused.