Spot rate curve

If the spot rate curve is flat, that should mean the yeild curve is flat too… Right?

Sorry for asking such a basic Question!

No… I guess they are not the same: Yield curve and spot rate curve are not the same

Yield curve is based on yield to maturity of bonds, the yield that come all along the life of a bond.

Spot rate curve is based on the different rate (spot) at different period.

We know that Only for a zero-coupon bond YTM is the same as a spot rate. For other coupon bonds they are not the same. So , i think its not necessarily the case.

Please correct me if im wrong.

P/S: its an interesting question anw :slight_smile:

Nobody has other opinion?


I know that they are different , but the spot rate curve can be derived from the yeild curve for bonds trading around par value. So, I was wondering if the YC were flat, would it imply that the spot curve were flat too??