spot vs future

Can someone please explain the following statement? an increase in dividend growth will increase the spot price of a forward. as spot price increase, forward price also increase. I thought the forward price should decrease because dividend growth will increase dividend paid, from the formula F = S(1+r)^T - FVD, as FVD increases, how does F increase? Thanks

I think the point they’re making is that a stock with dividends will increase in value if the dividends begin to grow faster. Think DDM. FVD will also increase, but not as much as the price of the stock increases. Is that reasonable?

yes, i just wanted someone to confirm that the values in stock increases will be faster than the dividend increase. I was un-sure about it. Thanks Cubemonkey.

The increase in forward price will be equal to increase in spot price less the pv value of the dividends discounted with correct time scripts