Anybody try this? I think this is a gameover for Itunes. Is there anything else like it in the US currently? I’m using the swedish version.

I hear Facebook gave them a bunch of money. Someone should buy this thing in a hurry.

I’ve got the US version. It’s pretty sweet. You can instantly get high quality versions of just about any song you can possibly think of.

I didn’t realize there was a US version. Had some friends from the UK stay with us last winter and thought it was great. Couldn’t sign-up with a US-based credit card back then though.

It just started a few months ago. And no credit card necessary - it’s free.

Yeah I use it, it’s awesome. It is free too, but you do have to pay something like $8 a month for the premium account if you want to listen to it on your smartphone. I’ve been considering doing that and just using it in my car instead of the XM radio.