Spreadsheet to Stay on Track

I know that there are a lot of things available out there to help people stay on schedule. All that stuff also costs plently of money. Between the exam and study materials, we’ve all shelled out a pretty penny.

If anyone is intereted, I created a spreadsheet that I used to track my progress for Level I and I’m redeploying it for Level II. It’s got a bunch of metrics in it, but the one that I found the most useful is that once you’re a couple of sections in, it estimates when you’ll be done with your material. I prepopulated the page numbers for the Schweser materials.

There’s also a component to it where you can track all of your scores on practice tests, but it’s a bit more manual. And the exam weights I used are based on the ranges provided, but I had to get them to equal 100%.

Anyway, I hope that at least a few people can find it useful.

My job search has put me behind and I’m just starting out studying. Though for Level I, I just committed to a non-stop 90 days of study and had no problems passing. If you want a more honest metric, detele or add days to correspond for when you started studying. If you add days, insert rows after the first day so that all the formulas include all the days in their ranges.

It’s available here: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D235608_84000817_00508