SpreadSheets from Yahoo finance

Evening! Do any of you know how to adjust the format in Excel of a downloaded spreadsheet from Yahoo finance, Like for example I want to get these industry statistics (http://biz.yahoo.com/p/840conameu.html) into Excel. It starts easy I can download them as the option is given but I cant really adjust them in excel. the data seems so messed up. Does anyone know how to fix this problem ?

Save it as an excel document and re-open it using excel instead of trying to modify it in the internet browser.

I tried it… but still the data is just distorted. May be I am missing something, Can you please be a bit more precise ?

What version of excel do you got(language)? I got the german version and here we got a , instead of a . this needs to be reformatted in yahoo finace excel seehts. go replace all . by , then reformat the text into columns by that sign which is used to seperate the columns… hope this was your problem.

If you do web query from excel to this page, you can import the table data and then reformat it the way you want to.

I’m not sure about industry info as opposed to security info, but if you join the SMF add-in group on yahoo finance and download the add-in you can use it to scrape most info from yahoo finance.

Coopy paste F5 enter enter delete

Thanks guys that web query worked just perfect. I learnt a new thing Thanks alot

you are welcome!