Let me say, I hate NYC TSA and Homeland Security agents with a burning passion. I feel for SRK and any non-US citizen any time I come into the NY.

They are even pretty rude to you if you are American. I flew into Denver a few months ago and was much happier with the agents there. I think 9/11 was long enough ago that these guys can take the stick out of their asses.

I really liked SRK’s comment about arrogance. It’s amazing how arguably the most recognizable guy in India is unknown in the US.

But more importantly, how much does a private jet from India cost? Would Yale shell out that much just to have a bollywood actor come and speak?

He was bornnnn to become a STHARRRRRRRRRR,!!! ********************

hE Is Badhshah…!!! born to become a StAr…!!!

Why would you expect americans to know an indian actor that makes hindi-language films? That doens’t make any sense. I suspect that if, say, Jerry Seinfeld went to India, it would be exactly the same – some people would know who he was, but the average person would have no idea.

I have no problem with the work that Homeland Security is doing. Their resources are limited; it only makes sense to focus their efforts on, say, muslims that arrive with improbable-sounding stories.

If blonde swedes suddenly started attacking americans, I have no doubt that blonde swedes would quickly find themselves under the same kind of TSA scrutiny.

I agree with Wendy, it’s not surprising to me at all. The vast majority of Americans won’t know this guy, why should we? he’s just some guy to a random security employee. I’m not a fan of racial profiling either, since I get my share of it as well, but you tend to be more suspect of a certain type of people since the statistics skew towards certain people.

When the weight of the CFA skews towards a certain topic, won’t you put more caution into that section?

If anything I blame SRK, and not just them, the arrogance shown by anybody famous in India. Why should he be exempt from the same rules as everyone else?

TSA should give Ash Rai a full body pat down now. (Frank that’s an HCB).

But really, how much does a private jet from India cost?

^^^i would guess over 250K USD

It would be something approaching US$100k round trip.

Keep in mind that unlike a non-stop Mumbai-NYC commercial flight on United or Continental, a business jet would have to stop midway to refuel, as I think the ~13000km distance would be outside the range of most lighter aircraft.

How would taking a private jet improve the situation for SRK though? You still have to go through U.S. Customs, regardless of whether you fly commerical or private.

I think its gotta be more than 100k round trip. Net Jets is something like 10k per hour. It’s about 18 hours direct to Bombay one way.

I think the issue here is not that the TSA detained a famous person. The issue is that the TSA pointlessly detained a random Indian guy for 90 minutes. This guy has zero risk of being a terrorist. They should have better policies in place so they can focus on things that might actually be dangerous.

Right, and who gets to make that decision? I think everybody should get the same treatment unless you are a member of whatever high risk group we are concerned about. If you let the government decide as you suggested it will end up being a political football. The assocoation for people with grey mustaches will lobby thier congress critter for special treatment. Then those without mustaches will argue that they certainly are not a high risk group. And some activists will say, as they do now, that we should avoid all profiling…an argument that makes no sense.

I’m certain that Homeland Security DOES have policies in place that focus extra attention on people that are more likely to be dangerous.

And I imagine that policy #1 is to give extra scrutiny to anybody named Khan.

Since there are about a dozen well-known terrorists with that surname, it seems like a pretty common-sense policy.