SS 12 Corporate governess

How do you guys memorize this stuff?

That corporate governess! She’s smokin’ hot :wink:

lol@Dwight just reading; not memorizing@derswap07

So …you remember everything by just reading ??? Boy, I would like to be in your boat for sure… Seriously, things like Cadbury report…

Well of course I don’t remember everything by just reading. But i’m not attempting to remember everything. There will be things that one will have to memorize (lists). For the rest I just try to understand the concepts so that I can discuss it (in my own words) if posed a question.

I think most of it we’ve seen in past levels isn’t it?

Corporate Governance… that was on the exam last year? Kidding - sort of - Just think this time next year… you’ll remember Corporate Governess like a good ole one night stand… or one week in this case. BTW - this is one of those sections where I found the notes (Stalla/Schweser) really effective… Questions on the exam were like verbatim

Was it on the exam last year??