SS 17


Its almost over sponge. Keep at it.

That session isn’t easy but it’s worth less than 5% of the exam, I am not planning on mastering it. Mastering sessions 4 and 5 would probably be way more critical.

maratikus: You are already a master of most of the curriculum. Cheers :slight_smile:

if you think 17 is zzzzzzzzz - wait till you get to 18! (GIPS) page after page of mind-numbing rules. Some are common sense and logical - but 95% is just endless, mindless drivel. Problem is CFAI loves this stuff… (I actually liked ss17 - eventually - it was a good wrap-up of lots of topics - ties Alpha back to CAPM, Treynor back to SML, Sharpe and Modigliani back to CML, Info ratio back to Sharpe, ties skill/luck attribution back to probability distributions and type I/II erorrs. The currency attribution calc is a blast but made sense in the end - i think.) now - back to GIPS…

^^^ After reading this post I decided to take the rest of the weekend off. I wasn’t about to tackle the second half of 17 and all of 18 on Easter Sunday.